From Secretary's Desk (2018-19)

From Secretary's Desk (2018-19)

From Secretary's Desk (2018-19)

Hon’ble Members,

It has indeed been a great opportunity to serve the august District Bar Association Jalandhar as a Secretary of the Bar Association.  I am highly thankful to each and every member of the Bar for posing faith in me and providing me an opportunity to serve the Bar.  The Senior members of the Bar guided us on various contentious issues and the Young Members of the Bar extended their firm support to the working of Executive Committee.   Believe me the entire Executive Committee tried their level best, throughout the year, to ensure that the expectations of the Hon’ble members are met.  The journey remained eventful and colorful with following few initiatives:

1.       The Executive Committee made their best efforts to expedite the process of developing new Court Complex and Lawyers’ Chambers.  The Hon’ble High Court Judges, at the request of Executive Committee, paid visit to the existing Bar Complex and understood the difficulties being faced by the members of the Bar.

2.       In order to ensure better safety in the Bar Complex, the LED Lights have been installed at various points.

3.       As new members have joined the Bar in recent times so since effort has been made to create a New Directory of the members of the Bar along with developing a Website of the Bar as a long term solution.

4.       Best efforts were made to ensure cleanliness in the Bar premises and the Old Library hall has been given fresh paint in pursuance to this process.

5.       A new Air Conditioner has been installed in the Bar Room and New Water Cooler has also been installed.

6.       The Bar Association has also remained active with various social and cultural activities like Tree Plantation, Badminton Tournament, New Year and Lohri Celebrations etc.

The Executive Committee felt a strong need to reviewing the Bar Directory as numerous changes had occurred in the past couple of months in the entire data.  Therefore, a new Directory Committee was formed in this regard. The Directory Committee included Sh. Varun Khanna, Sh. Kunal Goel, Ms. Sangeeta, Ms Charanjit Kaur, Mr. Ramandeep and Ms. Riya (Advocates).  The Committee did a wonderful job of examining and recompiling the entire data so that a flawless Directory of the Bar could be presented.  Though best efforts have been made to publish a flawless directory of the bar but still certain unintended errors cannot be ruled out and keeping in view the massive data such errors may be ignored.  The DBA is highly thankful to all the advertisers for ensuring a decent financial support in the publication of the Directory.

While thanking again to the entire Bar Association Jalandhar I extend my best wishes to the upcoming Executive Body of the Bar.  I hope the new Executive Body will follow with the tradition of ensuring welfare of the Bar while considering the genuine concerns of the members on all issues.


Advocate Aditya Jain
Secretary - District Bar Association