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The District Bar Association Jalandhar had about 60 members on its rolls in 1918.The membership rose to 110 at the time of partition of the country in 1947.Its strength as on 31-3-1974 was 275 and at present the Bar has around 2500 members on its rolls. Jalandhar District Bar Association has a very rich history.It is more than 125 years old and it has produced many legal luminaries The District Bar Association holds its office both at New Courts and in the premises of the Newly built courts complex near BMC Chowk. Mr.Spencer was the first Bar at Law,who started practice at jalandhar. Mr.Beechy,another Englishman started practice at Jalandhar in the year 1875.

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The Jalandhar District consist of 5 tehsils/subdivisions viz. Jalandhar-I, Jalandhar II, Nakodar, Phillaur and Shahkot. Besides, there are 5 sub-tehsils, viz. Adampur, Bhogpur, Kartarpur, Goryan and Nurmahal. The district is divided into 10 development blocks, viz, Jalandhar East, Jalandhar West, Bhogpur, Adampur, Nakodar, Shahkot, Phillaur, Nurmahal, Lohian and Rurka Kalan. According to 2000-2001 figures of District Statistical Office, the district has 956 inhabited villages.